You’re not a kid anymore, so eat like it

Remember when you were young and could eat what you liked, when you liked? When polishing off a bucket of fried chicken had no more consequence than seriously sticky fingers?

I remember those days fondly. I would eat several meals a day. Sneak out and eat even more. Use my pocket money for snacks, candy and soda and still have room for family dinner.

Then I grew up.

Life got in the way. I got a job. Had a family. Gained responsibilities. I could no longer bicycle 20 miles a day with my buddies, swim for hours at a time and then run home.

But I kept eating the same amount of food. With obvious results.

Recognize what you are

I was eating 5,000 to 7,000 calories a day and was no longer burning it off. I gained weight and lost confidence. Doctors warned me that if I continued, my lifespan would be measured in years and not decades. And I wasn’t even 35 yet!

I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, was at seriously high risk of diabetes and a significant heart attack risk. Considering I was an athlete in school, this was quite a change!

Use your anger

I was surrounded by food advertising, food outlets, snack trucks and opportunities to eat food I didn’t need.

This made me angry. Very angry.

As if life wasn’t difficult enough, the food and advertising industries were doing everything they possibly could to help me destroy myself.

This anger provided a moment of clarity where I could see what was happening. The commercials. The colorful billboards. Shiny, attractive candy packaging. It was all designed to help me kill myself.

Which is when change started to happen. It wasn’t this anger on its own but it was a catalyst for change. Changes came when I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore. That I wasn’t burning off calories faster than I could eat them. That I was still acting like a kid while not exercising like one.

That anger at the food and advertising industries still burns strong. That’s why I run this course. To help others like me recognize what’s going on. To see advertising for what it is. To recognize the tricks and the pitfalls of doing nothing.

To help you master your urges like I mastered mine. Mostly mastered mine. Nobody is perfect!

If you want to join the many people I help manage their diet, get in touch now.

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Your Coach

Alan Steiner DMD

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