How to master sneaky binges hiding in everyday situations

If all urges to overeat were as obvious as “See that cake? You want to eat it all and then drink that bottle of soda to wash it all down”, we wouldn’t need this course. The vast majority of people would recognize the urge for what it is and say no.

But life isn’t like that.

Overeating can be sneaky. It can hide in everyday life and slip under the radar without anybody noticing.

Think about an average day.

You stop for gas on the way to work and have a coffee. By the coffee stand is the donut stand. Coffee and donuts go well together and if you have one without sprinkles, that’s less sugar right?

You get to work and Janet from HR has made cupcakes for charity. You put a dollar in the jar and eat a cupcake. It’s for charity right?

You have another coffee and someone offers a biscuit. It would be rude not to.

At lunch, the guys are going for pizza. You packed a lunch but you wanted to make friends with these people, so you say yes. Ordering salad would make you look bad, so you order what everyone else is eating. You need to fit in right?

The afternoon, Sally from accounting brings in a birthday cake. It’s her 50th and it would be rude to not take a slice. You wouldn’t want to be rude right?

A couple of hours later on your way home you stop at the store for dinner. You feel weak and lack energy so you buy a candy bar that is conveniently sitting by the checkout. You need to keep your energy up for the drive home right?

Sounds familiar right?

How much of that would you normally notice? Probably not a lot. Not many of us do.

This course changes that.

Recognize sneaky urges before they take control

This course uses as few rules as possible. Nobody likes rules. People in general don’t like being told what to do but sometimes we have no choice. This is one of those times.

To prevent situations like the above, we use food rules. A concrete rule with no leeway and no opportunity for your urge to work around it.

A food rule such as ‘I will not buy anything but gas at the gas station’. Or ‘I will not eat anything other than my packed lunch while at work’.

These rules leave no room for maneuver. No room for urges to sneak in an invisible donut or cupcake.

This course teaches you food rules. It also teaches you to let your friends, family and colleagues know what you’re doing so they can support you. That way, you can say no to daily snacks without any issues from colleagues.

You can still put the dollar in the charity jar, just don’t take a cupcake. You can still go to lunch with the guys, just eat sensibly. You can still wish Sally a happy birthday, but not take a slice of cake.

This course teaches you how to handle everyday situations and avoid the invisible pitfalls. It worked for me and has worked for hundreds of others.

It could work for you too!

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