Revisiting those teachable food craving moments

You may remember a while back that we talked about how cravings were actually a good thing. We spoke about how not having that inner voice demanding you eat means you have no opportunity to say no. To ignore the voice or put it in its box.

If you never had cravings you wouldn’t be interested  this learning adventure. You also wouldn’t have the opportunity to show yourself that you can do it if you want to.

Every time you feel the urge to eat junk or food you don’t need you have an opportunity to show it who is boss. To prove to yourself that you are stronger than you think and to say no to cravings.

Without having those cravings, you would have no chance to make yourself stronger or take control of your life.

So while they may not feel like it, cravings are a good thing. They are a teachable moment that provides the opportunity to learn just how strong you are. To learn that however loud that inner voice may be, you don’t have to give in.

A tale of two paths

When you hear a craving, you have two options. If you say no and the craving goes away, your work here is done.

If the craving doesn’t go away, you may have more work to do. That’s where redirection comes in.

If a craving persists, it may be caused by a genuine lack of something in your diet. Rather than eat a pizza or candy, we redirect the craving towards a healthy juice or meal.

We provide the nutrients your body needs to be healthy while satisfying the craving. Just not in the way your craving wanted.

This path takes awareness and practice. Two things you will get from this course.

So next time you feel a craving for something you shouldn’t, embrace it.

Embrace it as an opportunity for you to prove you are stronger than you think. For you to fully appreciate how far you have come.

Without them, it’s all just theory!

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