Join my program and learn how to stop binge eating forever!

This course has been designed to help anyone control binge eating. Even if you think you don’t have the willpower or determination to overcome adversity, this course will teach you how.

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Binge eating is mainly caused by your survival instincts getting the wrong picture.

Our survival instincts kept us alive for thousands of years. It alerted us when something was wrong. It taught us to eat as much as we can, when we can because we didn’t know when or where the next meal would come from.

That survival instinct is still there but we no longer need some parts of it.

We no longer have to worry about finding food. About hunting or fishing for meals. We don’t have to store energy in case it’s a few days until we eat again.

But our survival instinct is too ingrained and too elemental to be reasoned with. So we have to do the reasoning for it.

This program helps with that.

On course for success

We won’t pretend there’s a magic pill or foolproof scheme to end binge eating because there isn’t. The road is long and requires willpower and determination. Yet the road is there ready to be traveled.

All it needs is you, some willpower and this course.

I will be with you every step of the way. I will guide you. Help you. Provide the reassurance and encouragement you need. You are not alone.

If you want to stop binge eating and take control of your life, this is the course to use. I have done it. I have overcome the worst of my urges, lost a lot of weight and have (mostly) mastered my life.

I want to help you do that too.

Join me on this journey as we change people’s lives forever!

If you want to join the many people I help manage their diet, get in touch now.

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Alan Steiner DMD

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