You need the cravings to beat the cravings

I was discussing our program with a client the other day when they said, ‘I wish these cravings would just go away and leave me alone. I hate them!’ I’m sure that’s a sentiment you are all too familiar with. I know I am. However, we don’t want the inner voice to go away just yet. We need it.

In order to overcome something you need something to overcome. How can you improve your situation or beat the urge to binge eat if you don’t have the urge? How can you prove to yourself that you’re still on the path to success if you no longer see the obstacles?

We may not like that inner voice that craves junk but we need each other.

Self-control leads to self-respect

You will already know the feeling of satisfaction you get when you say no to your craving. That little smile. That lightness in your spirit. That enjoyment and satisfaction of having said no and having evidence of positive progress. We need that feedback in order to continue improving.

Even when you have mastered your inner craving you need to hear that voice to remind yourself how far you have come. From the satisfaction of completing that journey comes self-respect. Everyone needs more self-respect. It’s a core reward for the work you put into this program.

Once you achieve your weight loss goals and have mastery over your cravings, you will need that voice. You will need to remember where you came from. It’s like being a lottery winner. Those who forget their origins and let the money completely change them will usually end up penniless. Or in rehab. Things don’t usually end well.

Those lottery winners who remain true to themselves. Who remember who they are and where they came from survive much better. They use their money for good. Enjoy their new wealth without ruining who they are.

I want you to do the same thing. I will guide you towards mastery but I also want you to remember where you came from. The long, hard road you took to get where you are. Remembering that and being reminded occasionally by your inner cravings is the way you can survive too.

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