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Failure is part of life. Failure is also part of the journey to success. We have talked about handling failure before but it is so important that I’m going to talk about it again.

You have heard me talk about my teacher friend who views failure as ‘teachable moments right?’ When her students make mistakes or do something dumb, rather than view it as a negative, she takes it as an opportunity to illustrate how and why we fail and the ramifications of failure.

She turns a potential negative into a learning experience so her students understand cause and effect. I do the same on this course.

If you binge eat during this program, it is a failure but it isn’t the end of the world.

Failure is a teachable moment

Failure is a teachable moment. Failure is an illustration of how your life could be if you didn’t have the desire to change it. It is also fuel for your desire to continue improving your life and making positive changes.

Here’s how:

Asses why you binge ate

Knowing why you binge ate is key to understanding the failure and for making improvements. Why did you feel the urge at that time? Why could you not overcome the inner voice? What else is going on that made it harder than usual to overcome the urge? Taking a good long look at what happened works for accident investigators and works for us too.

Make changes to prevent it happening again

I like analogies as they can illustrate something much better than a wall of text can. This program is like an old house. Every change you make gradually improves it until it becomes more the place you want to live in. A place that makes you happy.

Binges are like draughts. They appear seemingly from nowhere and are frequently annoying. The more draughts you fix and the more completely you fix them, the less opportunity they have to spring up again. Every time it happens, you figure out why and do something about it. That way, binges stand a far lower chance of happening again.

Gradually, you fix all the draughts in your house and it becomes a much more pleasant place to live. That’s the end game of this course. To make your life a nice life and a nice place to spend time. We are only here once after all!

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