How to measure your recovery from overeating and binging.

How do we measure your recovery? Many people come to me saying they just want to be “normal” with food… To be able to eat and think like a thin person. They want to be able to have some sweets, chocolate, flour, salt, oil, pizza, cookies, processed foods, chips, bagels, boxes, and containers full of trail mix and nuts, etc. without going off into a food coma. We can, by selective coaching and re-training your brain frequently provide this type of control where it didn’t exist before. We work with the system of NBA, we use email coaching and one on one video chat coaching. Now you may wish to look at this from another angle: When did it become “normal” and/or “healthy” to eat super-concentrated forms of sugars and fats and starches and chemical that our bodies were never designed to eat in the first place? Whotold us we need these hyper-palatable chemical concoctions in our bodies to be happy and succesful ? (Hint: Every time you’re looking for love at the bottom of a bag, box, or container there’s some corporate fat cat in a suit laughing all the way to the bank!) “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti.. Should we really be striving to be among the masses that choose to saturate their bodies with poisons? personally, i have chosen vibrant health over getting high on food. I’m NOT saying you have to do the same, nor is it necessary to give up all your tasty foods. Do you really desire to be normal, in our society where normal is profoundly sick? Where “normal” people spend the second half of their life suffering tremendously from heart disease, diabetes, brain and heart and liver disorders, lack of mobility and lack of energy.

I can help you solve your food problem. Send me an email if you would like more information.

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