How to enhance motivation and strengthen discipline internally to control weight loss.

       Motivation during weight loss will always dwindle.

You can read books, listen to CD’s be happy and joyful and optimistic  97% of the time……

The problem is during the 3% of the time when you feel a little down the Pig can  wipe out all the success and pounds you previously worked to lose.  I experienced this for over 40 years of my life.

The NBA coaching system I teach can give you 11 internal sources of power so that your Discipline can trump a waning motivation.

1. Separating healthy food thoughts from unhealthy food thoughts. The Pig represents

    unhealthy food thoughts.

2. Using internal self talk to gain control of the Pig

3. A technique we call “Real time refutation” can be used no matter how you feel!

4. A clear concise food plan with rules that you determine yourself.

5. Learning to shut down internal dialogue about unhealthy food choices.

6. A transformation to think and feel like a thin person does.

7. Learn to forgive your self from guilt and shame over poor food choices.

8. Enjoy the ability to make goals and shoot for the bullseye 100% of the time.

9. Learn to stop on a dime before you put that pig slop into your mouth.

10. Build a bank account of successes to counter attack any past failures

11. Your “Big Why and your Big Why not”

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