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I often describe this course as a process and losing weight and controlling binge eating as a strategy. Both statements are true. That doesn’t make those initial stages of the course any easier. The first 90 days are always the hardest and nothing is going to change that.

Those first 90 days are when your inner craving realizes that you are trying to get rid of it. That you’re going to deny it the junk food it wants and that you’re determined to improve your health and overall wellbeing. Your cravings have a survival instinct just like your body so it will fight you. It will fight you hard.

But you can win. I know this because I won. I was like you. Subject to seemingly uncontrollable urges. I found myself eating food I would never normally eat and in quantities that make me flinch every time I think about it.

But I won the battle and you can too with these four tips.

  1. Don’t have junk food in the house
  2. Slowly increase the frequency and volume of exercise
  3. Accept that it’s going to be tough
  4. Get family and friends to buy into your changes

Don’t have junk food in the house

If the food isn’t there, you cannot binge on it. In those early stages, the fight to master those cravings is going to be tough. You need to use every trick in the book to help you win and not filling your cupboards with junk food will help. It’s only part of the battle but an important one.

Slowly increase the frequency and volume of exercise

I would always suggest talking to your physician before you start exercising if you’re new to it. Create an exercise plan that starts slowly and gradually introduces more and more movement. Aim for a 5-10% increased per week until you reach a practical maximum. That maximum will be naturally limited by time, work and life commitments and that’s fine.

Show your physician the plan and listen to their advice. If they are good with it begin right away and don’t stop for anyone or anything.

Accept that it’s going to be tough

This program is tough. I have never tried to sugarcoat that fact as I think you deserve the truth. However, this program does work and is proven to work. I am evidence of that. Owning the fact you’re in for a tough time is part of how to overcome it. You won’t waste time and energy fighting it or feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, you’ll get on with the job at hand, making yourself a better, healthier person.

Get family and friends to buy into your changes

Getting your family and friends to buy into the program alongside you can be useful to some people more than others. It certainly makes life easier if they understand why there are suddenly no cookies, cakes or potato chips in the house or why you no longer buy soda or go out for dinner so often.

At the end of the day, everyone who loves you will want you to succeed and should want to help you every way they can. In those first 90 days, you will need all the help you can get!

Another thing I have said throughout this course is that you will need willpower and determination to succeed. You will need those things. You will also need your food plan, exercise plan and enough willpower to last 90 days. While the course lasts much longer, it’s those early stages that prove the toughest.

Just remember that you’re not alone. I am here for you. Your family and friends are there for you. The only one who doesn’t want you to succeed is your inner craving and together we can beat them!

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