Accept self-doubt as part of the healing process –

We all doubt ourselves at some point. Even the more confident people in the world will have times where they are crippled with self-doubt. It’s part of the human condition. So how to you cope with it? You accept it as part of who you are and move on.

Accepting self-doubt takes away all its power over you.

All those times when you sit there and wonder if you can complete the process. If you can really lose weight or control those urges to binge. Own those doubts. Accept those doubts and tell yourself they are all part of the process.

Turn the other cheek on doubt

There is something to be said for doubt. It makes us think carefully about what we are doing and can act as a valuable sanity check when we make decisions or life changes. A little doubt is healthy if it makes us carefully consider the situation when making decisions.

When doubt stops us making those decisions or making changes, then it’s time to address them.

You can blame all your doubt onto your inner craving if you prefer but I find it more effective to own it. Like all those embarrassing memories you have of all the dumb things you said or did as a kid, if you own those memories, you don’t cringe and they are suddenly a lot less embarrassing.

It’s the same for self-doubt. Own it. Accept it as part of the journey and it loses its power over you.

Self-doubt will still try to stop you making life changes. It will still try to control what you do and what you eat. It will still try to tell you that you cannot finish the course or achieve your goals. Accept those doubts for what they are. Just a voice in your head that make you think more clearly about something.

Self-doubt should always make you think twice about doing what you’re doing but it should never stop you doing what you’re doing.

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