The strategy of long term weight control

A major concern of anyone trying to control their weight or manage binge eating is what happens once they get to where they want to be. Do they continue with the program forever? Do they relax and hope their weight stays the same? Do they try to balance eating and everyday life better?

The answer is all the above.

This program isn’t just about going hell for leather to lose as much weight as possible in as short a time as possible. If you’re this far into the course, you know that we take a much more measured approach. We work on the mind, body and spirit and try to address the many causes and effects of binge eating. This is a strategy and that strategy continues even when you achieve your goal.

Weight control strategies

I’m going to use an analogy. In professional sports, athletes use something called periodic training. It is broken up over a year and tuned so they are in their very best form just before the biggest events. They then taper just before the biggest event of the year to make sure the body can retain that form without changing anything drastic.

Tapering means slowing down, relaxing, not training so hard and giving the body time to prepare for what’s to come.

Our weight loss program uses a similar tapering method. Rather than getting you to control binge eating and lose weight quickly, we prefer the slow and steady approach. It takes patience but the end results are much more powerful than many other programs because of this.

Part of goal setting is to have that end result in sight and devising a strategy to get you there. Once you’re close, you can taper. Gradually relax a little so you can enjoy life as much as possible while also controlling your food intake and managing your urges.

That way, when you do hit your goal, you aren’t left wondering what to do next. You can continue the taper for the rest of your life. The ideal balance between eating well and enjoying life and maintaining a goal weight and lifestyle.

It’s the reason we are all here, right?

Food is fuel

If you read ‘Why do we never crave healthy food?’, you will already know that I have a problem with our not craving leafy green vegetables or healthy salads. I want to build on that a little today by asking you to eat more. Don’t worry, it won’t compromise the program. This ‘more’ is going to be very good for you.

I’m not one for food fads. I think the majority of them are based on shady science or no science at all. They come and go and seem genuinely designed to sell a bunch of products rather than do some real good.

One food fad I did take notice of was juicing. Not as far as some of course but used well, juicing has a lot to offer.

Feed the need

In ‘Why do we never crave healthy food?’ we talk about the fact we only crave junk food when our body needs nutrition and fuel it can use. If we fill our meals with that junk, our body doesn’t get that nutrition and will crave more food in the hope it will get that nutrition.

We need to break that cycle and one way to do that is with a juice.

I want you to introduce one juice per day of leafy green vegetables. Do it directly after a binge, to help stop a binge, as a mid-afternoon snack or whatever works for you. Add half a pound of mixed vegetables that can be juiced and drink it.

That juice will be full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, iron and all the nutrients your body craves. By giving your body what it needs, you can help control the craving while also providing essential nutrients to help your body perform the tasks it needs to perform.

If you have a sweet tooth, blend your juice with several bananas or some ripe papaya, if you have a problem with hunger add a high quality raw vegan protein powder to the mix.

It won’t cure those urges but it will help control them.

As you know by now, those binge urges are partly caused by the food industry and partly because of our state of mind. There will also be a genuine need for nutrition in there too which your body will be telling the brain steadily. Removing one of those causes of urges can go a long way to helping control the others.

Having a juice a day isn’t going to stop your urges. It will not overcome your desire to binge eat. What it will do is provide the nutrition your body needs to be healthy so we can concentrate on getting you through this program.

Unless your physician says otherwise, get yourself a juicer or food processor, buy some fresh leafy green vegetables and juice half a pound per day. Keep it going on a daily basis and I guarantee your body will thank you for it!

I used to skip breakfast in the morning. Now  I have a shake with 12-16 ounces of green juice, 4-5 bananas, sometimes sometimes papaya, an organic vegan protein powder, it makes two large glasses when I mix it with some ice. It can hold me hunger free for 4-6 hours. This is part of my food plan that I used to lose th last 40 pounds of the total 100 pounds I have lost to date.

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