Why do we never crave healthy food?

Have you noticed that when you crave something it’s never a bowl of roasted vegetables or a healthy chicken salad? That you always crave things that come in bags, cartons or boxes? Foods that you need a degree in chemistry to understand the ingredients?

The food industry has grown to support our needs but has also designed itself to create those needs. Foods that come in shiny wrappers or colorful containers are designed alongside psychologists to be appealing and to make us want them. The entire system is designed to make people overeat.

The trouble is, this system works. The food industry can create their products, make them marginally or not at all nutritious, trick us into eating them and then hand off the problem to us or the health industry. It’s a win win for them. Not so much for us.

Binge eating

Binge eating is a relatively new phenomenon caused by many factors including our upbringing, relationship with food, state of mind, happiness, family situation, financial situation and a whole other list of causes. None of those causes include free will.

Who of us on this course would choose to be subject to an inner hunger that is so difficult to control? Who of us would choose to be subject to a food industry intent on our destruction?

I would say none of us.

Had binge eating been around before the food industry as it is now, we would binge on vegetables, real foods, salads and things that are better for us. While binging is never a good thing when we aren’t in control, at least we would be giving our body solid nutrition.

But we’re not.

We crave junk food. Food in that attractive packaging designed to create want and need. Foods full of fat and sugar designed to rewire our brains to depend on them and always crave more.

I wonder how many courses like this there would be if we did crave whole foods? There would be some as we don’t want to crave, but I doubt so many people would have a problem if they craved a fresh Mediterranean salad or stuffed peppers!

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