Show appreciation for your cravings

Throughout this course, we treat cravings as something to be overcome. An inner voice to be mastered and silenced and a lifestyle we no longer want to live. However, you should also show appreciate for those cravings.

Have I mentioned ‘teachable moments’ before? I’m sure I have. My friend, who is a life coach, calls food cravings and urges like them ‘teachable moments’. They are something we all have to go through in order to conquer them. If you didn’t have food cravings, you wouldn’t know how strong you can be when you overcome them.

Cravings are not a force for good but you can use them in a positive way.

Cravings can demonstrate that you’re still alive and that the reptilian side of our brain is present and correct. That the feast and famine part of our evolution is still present and that you’re still alive.

Cravings can also show you how far you have come. Remember those times when you would try to fight the cravings only to be overwhelmed and give in? Remember how it felt an hour afterwards?

Now think about how good it feels when a craving appears and you can use what you learned to silence it. How satisfied it feels to take back control and to recognize the craving for what it is. Nothing you need to concern yourself with any longer.

For these reasons and more, cravings do deserve a little appreciation. Just a bit.

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