Winning the inner struggle with your cravings

If you’re feeling the inner struggle with your cravings is a constant battle, one of two things are happening. You’re new to the course and are within 72 hours of a Go Zero plan or post-binge or it’s something else.

Within 72 hours

If you’re within 72 hours of your last binge, are in the early stages of a Go Zero plan or have undertaken another big eating change, the struggle is normal. It takes at last 72 hours for your body and mind to get the message. The message that you’re making changes and that it won’t be getting candy, cake, potato chips or whatever you used to binge on ever again.

Those first three days are tough. We absolutely guarantee they are tough. But they are necessary and they are only three days. It may seem like an age during the time and forever when the cravings really hit but it is just time and that time will pass.

Committing to making it through those three days will get you through. I know. I have been there more than once.

You will get tired. You will get sad. You will be hungry even after eating a healthy meal. You will crave junk food or alcohol. You will fight with your craving and it will seem like you cannot win.

But you can.

You can make it.

I have made it. Thousands of others have made it. You can make it too. And we promise you that once those 72 hours are up, things will get easier and you will begin to feel better.

Something else…

If you’re past the 72 hour stage and are still struggling with cravings, there is a little more going on. It is typically one of three things.

  1. You don’t have sufficient food rules in place to help you overcome your craving.
  2. Your food plan is deficient in one area of nutrition that is leaving your body wanting.
  3. You haven’t yet committed body and soul to this program.

You may not like reason #3 but it is true. If your food rules are in place and your food plan is balanced, the reason is you.

You have not fully committed to making changes. You have not fully committed to never binging again and you have not fully committed to never giving in to your cravings.

If you had committed, you wouldn’t be struggling would you?

It’s another harsh truth. One of many we deal with on this course but it is something you have to hear. Hear and acknowledge and then do something about.

You’re never alone on this journey but only you can commit to completing it.

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Alan Steiner DMD

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