When all else fails…

When all else fails… Or what to do when nothing seems to be working.

If you’re having a hard time with your food rules or your food plan, you have another strategy to try. Go Zero.

Going Zero is like giving something up for lent. Similar to Veganuary or dry January and the other trendy catchphrases for giving something up.

  1. Pick something like sugar, carbs, junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, starch or a food group that causes you difficulty.
  2. Set a definite start and end time for Going Zero.
  3. Tell your friends and family about your plan to help with motivation.
  4. Set or place reminders with the thing you’re giving up front and center.
  5. Stick to the plan!

There is a good reason why organizations like things such as Veganuary. A month is a set, quantifiable time with a specific beginning and end. It is long enough to stand a good chance of being stuck to but short enough that you can see an end to it.

Giving something up for a month is incredibly powerful and works on many levels. Your body adjusts to the reduction in the food you have given up. Your mind has something structured to work with. There is a definite beginning and end to help with willpower and only giving up one thing can have a minor impact to your daily life but have a huge impact on your health.

Going Zero

You don’t have to give it a cool name or give up a bunch of foods all at once. Begin small and see how you go. If you can manage an entire month without that food, consider extending it. You could even add other foods as well!

Telling your friends is another powerful way to stick to your plan. You don’t want to let them down and you don’t want them thinking you’re weak or have no willpower. This builds a strong foundation for any life change and works incredibly well for sticking to a plan. You never know, someone might want to join you on your journey!

Going Zero works. As long as you are sensible in what you give up and don’t take it too far it should be perfectly healthy. If in doubt, ask your clinician first. Otherwise, prepare to Go Zero!

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