KISSing your cravings goodbye to banish binge eating

If you read our email series, you will already know the KISS method for food rules:

‘You can use the KISS method when coming up with your own food rules. So rather than ‘I will consciously try to avoid eating pizza, chocolate, candy, fried food, junk food and takeouts during the week except on special occasions’, use ‘I will never eat junk food during the week’.

Repeat the rule to yourself. Write it down. Put it on Post-It notes on your cupboard doors, your refrigerator or wherever you think you may need a little help.

A simple rule is a rule that’s easy to follow. Keeping it simple means you clearly understand what the rule means and what it’s for. The same as my son. He may have understood that later in life he might have a knife of his own and chop his own vegetables without his old dad around.

It doesn’t matter whether he did or whether he didn’t. What matters is that the rule was set in his mind and he kept to it. You can do the same with simple food rules.’

Keep It Simple Stupid

Everyone who has cravings knows that those cravings look for any opportunity to make you binge eat and then make you suffer afterwards. Using the KISS method for your food rules lowers the chances of that happening.

We have all broken our food rules and we have all heard our cravings celebrate. “See? Your stupid food rule means nothing. I can break it easily and the roof didn’t fall in, the earth is still here, there is no fire, no brimstone. If we can do it once, we can do it again!”

Sound familiar?

Some people like to use specific words like ‘I will consciously and purposefully never eat junk food during the week’ or words to that effect. That that works for you, use words like that. If you like to keep things simple, use ‘I will never eat junk food during the week’. The key is to use what works best for you.


Because we all break the rules sometimes. For example, when we order something in a restaurant only to find it contains something we are avoiding. That’s the time when repeating your mantra ‘I will never eat junk food during the week’ comes into its own. It’s a reminder that things don’t always go to plan but that’s no excuse to continue breaking the rules.

If you spot the mistake and do something about it, you’re still on track. If you spot the mistake but don’t do anything about it, you are consciously and purposely breaking the rules. There is a small but very powerful difference between those two statements.

A difference we can use to help get you back on track!

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