Sneaky eating and negative feelings

When I was young, my brother and I were close. We went everywhere together, did everything together. Shared likes, dislikes, friends, hobbies and pretty much anything you care to mention. I thought we had no secrets and told each other everything.

Then one day I was helping my dad look for a leaky pipe. My brother was at school but I had a free afternoon. We had to trace the pipe behind the drywall and find the source of the leak. Part of that meant moving my brother’s wardrobe from the wall so we could use a moisture meter.

I moved the wardrobe while my father was in the loft looking for pipes. The wardrobe door fell open and a bunch of packets and boxes of cookies fell out. Of all the things I expected to find in the depths of my brother’s wardrobe, a pile of junk food was not one of them!

My brother was sneak eating.

We shared everything, or I thought we did.

I put his food back in the wardrobe and carried on helping my dad. My relationship with my brother was never the same.

Lots of people have similar stories of sneaky eating. The phenomenon is not unusual and you’re not alone.

Guilt and shame

We all know that along with the health risks of sneaky eating, there are psychological costs too. Namely guilt and shame. Two negative emotions you will always feel after a binge. Two negative emotions your cravings use to batter your defences so it has a higher chance of success.

Guilt and shame are exhausting. They wear you down. They tire you out and in the end you’ll eventually feel too weak to resist. That’s what your craving wants. It wants you tired. It wants you weak. It wants you to surrender.

Your cravings want you to accept things the way they are. To accept that you’re big and getting bigger. Accept that you’re sneaking away and eating. To accept the lies and deceit as normal or are just the cost of doing business.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can change it all by simply asking why?

Why do you have to sneak away to eat?

Why can you not eat snacks while others are around?

Why your meals are not enough to fill you up?

Why do you feel out of control and let the cravings win?

Simply asking why is the first step to taking back control. To taking control of your life, of your cravings and committing to doing something about it.

Asking why is the first step. Creating your very own food plan is the second. A food plan you create, you control and that you can be proud of. We can help you do that and help you banish guilt and shame forever!

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