Emotional eating does not make you feel better

Many food cravings come from the belief that it will make us feel better. It might for five minutes, but as we all know, that satisfaction soon passes and guilt comes right after. Today’s key lesson is about understanding that whatever your cravings say, you will not feel better afterwards. Not for long anyway.

Some people genuinely feel like they cannot cope with their situation, depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress or anguish without eating something. I understand that because I felt like that.

But tell me that you don’t feel even worse 20 minutes later. It doesn’t matter how good you felt while eating, it’s the afterwards that really matters. The reprieve from your situation is only temporary. It will only last a few minutes and then things get worse.

You feel guilt. You feel bloated. You feel let down as you let your cravings get the better of you. All on top of what you were feeling so bad about before? How is that making you feel better?

The cold, hard fact

The cold, hard fact is that eating doesn’t make you feel better. You might forget about your feelings while you’re eating but they rush back in once you’re done. Then you have to add guilt, more depression at binging, anger at yourself or self-recrimination and perhaps even stomach ache or bloating as a result.

All piled on top of what you were originally feeling? How can that be an improvement?

It isn’t.

Eating does not fix the emotional issues that your craving stems from. Only addressing those issues can do that. Go to counselling , see your doctor, make life changes or whatever. Just make sure you do something to improve your mental state.

You’re worth it. Food is not.

Food will not fix your emotional state. It will make things worse. If you think you’re feeling bad right now, just wait until you pile on the guilt or discomfort from binge eating!

If that isn’t enough to help you overcome those urges, I don’t know what is!

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