Learn to love your food cravings

Never Binge Again®  teaches you to view food cravings as something to be mastered. That can quickly turn into something more negative, even hate. After all, we are where we are because of these cravings. But that isn’t necessarily the best way to look at it. I love my cravings and I think you should too.

I have a friend who is a life coach. She calls situations like food cravings ‘teachable moments’. I have used the term before this course. She says ‘You need to experience the problem in order to be able to solve it. If you don’t come up against a serious challenge, you will never know if you can overcome it or feel the satisfaction the first time you do.’

I agree.

That’s why I love my food cravings. Not all the time sure, as they are also challenging beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Overall, I love my cravings because they give me the opportunity to test myself. To challenge my urges and to overcome them. To bask in the satisfaction of knowing that this time, I won and my cravings lost. If you are this far into the course, you know exactly how good that feels!

We do the same with our children. We need them to misbehave and make mistakes so we can pass on life lessons. We need them to fall out of trees so they know to be careful next time. To get ill from eating dirt so they learn that hygiene is a good thing and not a chore. Or when they argue with their friends so they can learn how to function in society.

It’s the same with cravings.

If you didn’t have them you wouldn’t know you could beat them. You wouldn’t have a regular opportunity to test your willpower. To test your mental strength against a craving that has no appreciation for your wellbeing.

Cravings are still there to be defeated but like that sports team that is always beating yours, you need the competition to make you work harder and better so when that moment comes when you do emerge victorious, it will feel like nothing else on earth!

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