How a different kind of rule can help you master your cravings

We talk a lot about rules around food and they are important. The trouble is, rules are also there to be broken and not be followed too strictly. Yes there is such a thing as being too strict when following a food rule!

For example, let’s say you go to a diner for morning coffee and make yourself a rule to never eat those delicious breakfast bacon burgers they sell. How tough is that going to be? Very tough. Especially as the other people in the diner might be eating those very burgers where you can see them.

Your Never rule will be effective if you can stick to it but there is an easier way.

How about this instead?

Set yourself an Always rule. Something like ‘I will always eat a bowl of oatmeal with milk an hour before I leave the house in the morning’. Then when you stop at the diner to get your morning coffee, your Never rule is suddenly much easier to follow!

Flip it

It is very easy to concentrate on what you cannot do in any food plan. How about adding some of those things you can do as well? If those things give you satisfaction as well as make your never rule easier to follow, everyone’s a winner don’t you think?

So rather than setting as rule that says ‘I must not eat more than 1,500 calories a day’. Create a rule that flips that. Something like ‘two of my three meals must include a lean protein and at least three vegetables.’

You turn a negative into a positive while achieving the same goal. Reading both of those rules, which do you think is the easiest to live with?

I use this principle a lot with my own eating plans. Rather than overusing Never rules, I either replace with an Always rule or add an Always rule to make the Never easier to live with. Whichever way you do it, the end result is an eating plan that is suddenly so much easier to live with. Don’t you agree?

Sometimes, approaching something from a different perspective can make all the difference!

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