Nine ways to master binge eating

First off, I’m not telling you there are easy ways to stop binge eating like so many other headlines seem to read. You know as well as I do there is no such thing as an easy way to stop binging. What I will tell you is there is an effective technique to stop binge eating and there are nine steps to it.

Follow them and make them your life. It works when you work it.

1.   Commit to perfection but forgive failure

You have to aim high to overcome binge eating. Every time you say no to that inner voice, you’re one small step closer to saying goodbye to it forever. That said, you might have a slip up. We all slip. It’s part of the process. Actually we welcome slips. It is part of the process we use to cage the Pig. Rather than beating yourself up about it. Pick yourself up. Forgive yourself with compassion and dignity. Re-commit with 100% on the bulleye. Together we can figure out what went wrong and fix it for next time.

2.   If you’re walking through hell you have to keep walking

You’re there, right in the middle of it. It’s tough. You are going to come out the other side and you are going to master your own destiny. If you fail, pick yourself up, fix what went wrong and get back on the horse. If something isn’t working. Identify what, change it and try again. Whatever you do, when you’re walking through hell, you have to keep walking to reach the other side.

3.   Make peace with the pain

Overcoming binge eating will be painful. You will feel hunger. You will think you’re wasting away. You will think you’re going to make yourself ill. For the vast majority of us, that simply isn’t true. As long as your doctor is happy with what you’re doing, you’re not hungry, you’re not wasting away and you’re not going to make yourself ill.

4.   Quality not quantity

Food is about nutrition. About giving our body the fuel and nutrients it needs to function to its full potential. That is much more about the quality of your food than the quantity of it. We can survive for a while on very little. While I wouldn’t suggest it, we can go weeks without food. So it is never about quantity but about the quality of the nutrition you put into your system. Eat well and prosper!

5.   Accept that things have changed

Your inner voice has always gotten its way in the past but now it is time to teach it the error of its ways. It is no longer in charge. It no longer controls what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. Things have changed and so have you. Now it’s time to accept and make your inner voice accept that the old days are gone forever and every time you say no to your craving, you really mean it!

6.   Commit yourself 100%

We talk a lot about aiming for perfection and not giving in as well as accepting failure with grace and a determination to not fail again. That requires commitment. All this program requires is total commitment. If you have come  this far, you have already shown commitment. Keep it up and you’ll finish this program and master your cravings.

7.   Accept the challenge for what it is

‘Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better’ – Jim Rohn. A useful quote to bear in mind when things get tough. This isn’t a computer game. We cannot lower the difficulty when things get tough. We have to become tougher. It’s easy to say and harder to do but this advice is unavoidable. You have to accept the challenges you face and not wish they were easier. Accept them, make friends with them and overcome them. It’s the only way you’ll win.

8.   Plan your meals from the beginning

It is easier to plan your food intake in the morning than later in the day. Plan your breakfast, your lunch, dinner and any permissible snacks nice and early. We are faced with challenges throughout the day including tiredness, stress, lack of time, lack of energy, lack of willpower. Knowing what’s in store before any of those hit you will help avoid those trips to the store, vending machine or drive-in.

9.   Let me share my experience with you

I have been where you are and have come out the other side. Let me work with you personally to help ensure your success.

If you want to join the many people I help manage their diet, get in touch now.

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