Say thank you to your cravings for teaching you so much

          So far  we have viewed our cravings as the enemy. Something to be overcome. Something to be battled and to be beaten. Today is different. Today I would like you to show appreciation to your cravings.

My personal coach calls them ‘teachable moments’. That time when something goes wrong or doesn’t go according to plan and you have the opportunity to learn a lesson from it. Teachers, trainers, professors and lecturers all use it to teach by example.

If you didn’t have cravings, you wouldn’t realize how strong you can be. You wouldn’t know that elation as you finally take control of your destiny. As you finally find the strength to say no to something that has controlled so much of your life.

It is that for which we have to thank our cravings. For the teachable moments that showed us we can be self-confident. We do have self-control. We do want to make a difference and we do want to change our lives.

How do you know whether you can run a marathon? By trying. How do you know whether you can master your career? By trying. How do you become a good parent or member of society? By trying.

Every time you succeed, it’s a little easier to try again.

I talked about neuroplasticity previously and I’ll mention it again here. Every time you say no to your craving. Every time you lock it in its box and shut the lid and every time you walk past the baked goods aisle without stopping is a victory. A victory that gives you the confidence to try again and rewires another tiny part of your brain until it is yours to control.

So thank you cravings for teaching us so much. For showing us that we really do need to take control of our life and not be a passenger.

Thank you cravings for showing me I am a strong, capable person who can control myself more than I ever thought possible.

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