What exactly is Holistic Dentistry?

      In 1978 I declared myself a Holistic Dentist. Back then it was about introducing the patient to a few basic vitamins in an effort to eradicate gum disease.

     Today, it is an art form. How to balance a healthy patient

 ( Body, Mind and Spirit)  with all the technologies we have come to love.

  1. Filling materials
  2. Dental Implants
  3. Metals in your mouth
  4. Antibiotics
  5. Root canal issues
  6. Nutrition
  7. Addictions

Dental materials, especially the metals found in fillings and crowns and root canals and dental implants have been proven to have negative effects on the human body. These concerns can be labeled, Cytotoxic, immunologic, carcinogenic, and Electrical balancing concerns. Metals in your body can effect your metabolism and only a few days after metals have been placed in a patient’s mouth they can be detected throughout the body.

  1.    Mercury is toxic and so called silver fillings are more than

  50% mercury. I believe mercury is the 2nd most toxic

  element on the planet. I stopped placing them in 1978.

  •   Immunological issues: metals can trigger inflammation,

  allergic reactions and likely can play a role in autoimmune


  •   The electric currents running through our bodies can be a

  measure of health in the hands of the right practitioners.  

  Metals in the mouth have an antennae effect and the

  surrounding bone around metal implants can heat up a few

  degrees from this effect when exposed to 3G and 4G and

  5G networks.

All these statements in this blog are from my personal experience over the past 50 year that I have been practicing dentistry. I suggest all patients that may have these concerns have Serum Compatibility blood testing done so that materials placed in your mouth, that may be necessary for function and good oral health can have the least negative impact possible.

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Copyright © 2023 | Privacy Policy and Terms of Use | All rights reserved. by M Faisal Akhtar