You are not powerless over your cravings

     You can change any habit when you put your mind to it. People quit smoking, quit drinking, quit binge eating, quit gambling and all sorts of damaging habits. You can quit binge eating too. All it takes it the determination to never give in.

We all know this story: You just ate but see a commercial on TV for junk food. Suddenly you’re hungry again. You need that food. You’re starving. You haven’t eaten in ages. You’re going to faint from hunger soon.

You get into your car, drive to the diner, sit in a booth, order the food, eat the entire plate, consider having more, pay and leave. It’s like you’re a viewer in a story rather than a human with self-control. It’s like you have no power over what’s going on.

You do have power. You have always had the power. You just didn’t realize it.

Your craving wants you to feel powerless. It wants to be able to take over and control what you do. It wants you to feel powerless and out of control. But it’s not true.

Remember the last time you said no to a craving? How good it felt to refuse to listen to that inner voice? How the feeling of hunger went away once you were determined not to give in? That’s control and it was yours to exert.

Never think you are powerless because you’re not.

Never think you’re a passenger in your own life because you’re not.

Never think you’re this deep that you may as well continue giving in to your cravings because you shouldn’t.

You have one life. Live it your way.

That feeling of powerlessness is how cravings win. Don’t let cravings win. You came this far, you can keep going and come out a winner!

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Copyright © 2023 | Privacy Policy and Terms of Use | All rights reserved. by M Faisal Akhtar