When rules work in your favor

We try not to use rules too often in this course. We don’t like them and some of us actively rebel against them. Some rules are necessary though and this is one of those times.

The need for rules revolves around how we make decisions.

Take this, ‘I try to avoid the snack aisle so I don’t fall prey to my cravings’. What does that tell you? It tell you that you’re not sure about managing cravings and do not yet have the confidence to be absolute.

Change it to ‘I will not fall prey to my cravings’ and you should already feel better about it. If you’re feeling confident, you could even add, ‘I’ll walk down the snack aisle if I want to and I will not fall prey to my cravings’.

Say them to yourself. Which sounds better? Which sounds more like someone determined to get the better of their cravings? I think we both know the answer!

It’s a small thing that can make a huge difference to how you view your journey to success. Use a positive mindset and a commitment to succeed and you lay the foundations to do just that. Hedge and be unsure and those foundations may as well be built on sand.

This is just one of the many techniques I will be teaching you over this course. Techniques I use myself and I have used to help other people trying to master their own cravings. It will help you too!

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