The ten tools for guaranteed weight loss

There are very few things in this world that can guarantee weight loss. Pills can’t do it, replacement shakes can’t do it, support groups can’t even do it. But this program can. If you use my ten tools for guaranteed weight loss, you can achieve the goals you set.

Nobody on this program will ever say managing cravings and losing weight is easy. It is not. I know. I have been where you are and come out the other side. I know how difficult it is to lose weight. But I also know it’s possible because I am living proof. So are the others I have taken through this program.

I use ten simple tools to help you lose weight. They aren’t spreadsheets or scales. They don’t measure fat or sugar. They don’t even exist except in your mind. Yet follow them and I guarantee you will lose weight. Master them and you will never gain weight again!

My ten tools for guaranteed weight loss are:

  1. Separate yourself from your cravings. I call  mine the pig. It is not who you are.
  2. Set food rules and deal in absolutes. ‘I will not eat anything after 8pm’.
  3. Commit yourself totally to the rules you set.
  4. Forgive yourself if you occasionally stumble and break a rule. We are human after all.
  5. Steady repetition of good behaviors that will establish themselves as the new you.
  6. List some good reasons why you want to master your cravings to help motivate you. Why do you want to control cravings or lose weight?
  7. Be able to talk to yourself rationally about food, hunger, nutrition and cravings and be honest about how you feel.
  8. Identify the difference between a craving and genuine hunger and be able to understand the difference in your own mind.
  9. Retrain your brain to reward you for eating healthy food instead of junk.
  10. Keep moving forward and making positive decisions day by day!

These tools are just some of the techniques we use to master cravings and lose weight. Learn more at

If you need help controlling your version of The Pig from someone who has been there and overcome it, I can help. If you want more simple, practical steps for managing urges, let me help you solve your food problem. I can help you change your life.

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