Using my coaching program to transform other areas of your life

If you’re still with me, you will be well on the way to making positive changes to your eating habits, better controlling your urge to eat and managing binges. As a reward for all your hard work, I am going to show you how the things you have learned so far can transform other areas of your life too.


Remember The Pig ? The name I gave to my lower brain that allowed me to wrest control of it? What if The Pig was a person? What if the Pig was an abusive partner or overbearing co-worker? What if The Pig was an unruly child or bullying classmate?

If you could apply the same principles of ‘Do I want to give The Pig the power over me?’ or ‘Do I want to let the Pig to control me’ to other areas of my life, how much better could it be?

I’m not going to pretend that this kind of change will happen overnight. It won’t. What I will promise you though is that using the same rules we have already used to help control urges can also work in other aspects of your life.

People are abusive or bully people because they can. Show them they can no longer get away with it and they stop targeting you. It won’t happen immediately and it isn’t a miracle cure. But it does work.

Or how about this:

Use social media too much? Spend too many hours a day on Facebook? Do you allow comments and trolls to get under your skin? Get hurt by what they say?

Controlling The Pig can help here too but so can the other techniques of awareness and control I have been teaching you.

Setting clear goals is a very effective way to control any urge, not just food-related ones. Set yourself a goal of only one hour of social media per day or no Facebook until your chores are done or the kids are in bed. Use something specific to your life that you can use as a constant like dinner time or your children’s bed time.

If you get hurt by the things people say online, the Pig can help. Use the same principles to take back control of your online life.

Again, it isn’t easy and progress won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

Like any behavior, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. If you have used my techniques so far to control urges, why not spread the love to other areas of your life. Who knows what else you could change?

I have tricks and techniques for managing all aspects of modern life. Join my program X, Y, Z to see what else we can change!

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