Do you feel good? You should!

Do you feel good about yourself right now? You should! Do you feel good even if you have slipped or had the odd binge? You still should!

By joining my program, you have taken concrete steps to overcoming urges and controlling binge eating. Even if there are failures along the way, you are doing the right thing and you should feel proud of that. Self-mastery is the only reliable way to control urges, lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle. There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes and no get out of jail free cards.

The fact that you’re on this journey is reason enough to feel good!

It’s too easy to sit on the sofa and open that packet of chips or pile food on your plate you don’t really need. It’s simple to avoid looking in the mirror or drive to the store instead of walking. It’s even easier to feed yourself from packets or cans rather than make food from natural ingredients. It is also unhealthy and unsustainable.

But you’re working to stop that.

You should feel good about going against a system and society that is based around food and consumption. About wanting to take control of your life and not allow anonymous food producers and corporations to control what you eat and how you feel about yourself.

The fact that you’re making positive changes to your life is reason enough to feel good!

The food industry does not care about you. It does not care how much you weigh or how healthy you are. It does not care how much you spend on junk or how guilty you feel after finishing one of their products. They just want you to buy their stuff.

I care about you which is why I am supporting you every step of the way. I care about how healthy you are, what type of food you eat and about how guilty you feel afterwards. That’s why I help you identify nutritious foods and give you the information about food and nutrition the food industry won’t.

I do it because you care. Because you’re here, right now, with me, trying to make a difference to your life.

If you’re finding my coaching program useful, you may also be interested in PRODUCT/PROGRAM. It builds on what you have learned so far and extends that to WEIGHTLOSS/NUTRITION/DIET/COOKING. Try it and see how it can continue helping you change your life!

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Alan Steiner DMD

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Copyright © 2023 | Privacy Policy and Terms of Use | All rights reserved. by M Faisal Akhtar