Using your Metabolism to help lose weight

Your metabolism is your body’s system for turning food into the energy and nutrients it needs to survive. It’s an amazing system that turns food into fuel and utilizes all the goodness in our food for our body’s gain.

It can also be gamed into helping you lose weight.

There are all kinds of pills and remedies online that say they speed up your metabolism. Some might work, most won’t.

The theory is that if you speed up your metabolism, it turns more food into more usable resources more quickly. As the metabolism process burns calories while it performs its work, having a faster metabolism can help burn more of those calories. The idea being if you can metabolize faster, you burn more calories and therefore lose weight.

It amazes me that people will buy pills or potions from the internet with no idea what’s in them and then eat them. Yet when buying something as simple as a t-shirt online, those same people will spend hours and hours comparing them and reading reviews before buying. Why don’t they do that with those pills?

There are no ‘magic’ weight loss pills the same as there are no effective get rich quick schemes. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Literally.

What does work is an effective weight loss system that creates a holistic approach to health, nutrition, managing binges, psychology and support. All things I can help with.

I work with you to manage weight, to create a healthy sustainable diet and mindset with one goal in mind. Success.

It doesn’t happen instantly and does require effort. What it does not require is a pill or magic potion. My one-to-one program is proven to work. I am living proof, among other clients I have successfully managed to a healthier lifestyle and lower weight.

If you want to travel the path to success, join my program today. I guarantee you will start feeling better right away!

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Copyright © 2023 | Privacy Policy and Terms of Use | All rights reserved. by M Faisal Akhtar